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For my stop on the Insanity Blog Tour, I interviewed the lovely author, Lauren Hammond!

About Lauren:
It all began with a dinosaur, a T-Rex to be exact. He was the main character in my very first short story. Me and T, well, we went places. He is the reason I won my first essay contest at age ten. And he is probably one of the number one reasons, I pursued a career in writing.

Throughout highschool, I was what you would call a rebel. Someone who had convinced herself that she had life figured out at age sixteen. Still, writing was my only safe-haven during that time. I wrote notebooks full of poetry, even writing fellow classmates papers for them.

Unbeknowest to me, creative writing, seemed to be my one, true calling, my passion in life.

At age twenty, I began writing my first novel. After that, everything seemed to fall into place.

I won Best Poets and Poems of 2007, and The Editor’s Choice award for my poem, Summer Days.

Also, during that time I wrote or co-wrote fifteen different screenplays, some which earned me finalist spot in various screenplay competitions.

In 2010, I’ve come full force, with my novel Love Sucks, that was released by Punkin House Press, in August of 2010. On top of Love Sucks, I have six novels that are slated to be released through the next five years. Also, doing some various marketing work for authors and publishers.

I pride myself in telling fellow writers to always follow their dreams. Who knows where I would be if I would have given up.

Author Interview:

1. Adelaide and Damien are opposites and madly in love. Do you believe ‘opposites attract’ work out in real life or is it a recipe for disaster?

Adelaide and Damien aren’t necessarily opposites personality wise. They’re opposites when it comes to backgrounds and social circles. Damien comes from a very affluent, wealthy family and has had the life of a prince. Adelaide, on the other hand has been brought up poor and abused and has been led to believe that she’s worthless. I think when it comes to them and their relationship that they have the same hopes and dreams. All either one of them wants is to love, be together, and escape their controlling parents. As far as opposites in real life. I do think it’s entirely possible for opposites to work. It’s not necessarily a recipe for disaster. I think with time, patience, love and respect that any relationship has the possibility of succeeding.

2. What sort of research did you have to do, if any, for a novel such as Insanity?

I did do quite a bit of research for Insanity. I did research on medical procedures in asylums in the 1950’s. I interviewed family members alive during that era to touch on the language. Honestly it was fascinating and exhausting at the same time. Just when you think you have everything down you have to question yourself, go back and do more research, lol.

3. Any embarrassing moments you wish you could erase from your memory?

As far as the novel goes, not really. I have, however told my grandmother that she’s not allowed to read it, lol. She reads all of my books, but because of some of the language and the love scenes, I think I’d feel a little awkward if she read it, knowing that she read those scenes. She was born in the 1920’s. Some of the aspects in the novel are more ‘free’ so to speak and I know she’s more conservative.

4. Which fictional character would be your opposite?

I’d have to say Adelaide here. Even though we see her inner strength with time, for the most part she’s a tad on the weak side. Then again, her past has a lot to do with that. But me personally, I’m not like that at all. I’m a tell it like I see it kind of person. And I like to think that overall I’m a strong woman. Adelaide, is also very dependent on Damien whereas I’ve always prided myself to never be dependent on a man. I’m extremely independent.

5. How do you develop character names for your books?

Wow. This is tough. Um, well, it’s weird because they just sort of come to me. I don’t know how to explain it.

6. What type of settings do you prefer to write in (location, music, etc.)?

My living room is usually the setting because that’s where my desk-top is. I’m really big on music and I listen to all types, but there are times where I like it quiet. I think it all depends on my mood and the scene I’m writing at the time.

Thanks again for having me!

Check out Insanity and if you get a chance check out the sequel, White Walls, releasing June 19th!


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About Insanity:

Sometimes love…can drive you crazy.

Adelaide Carmichael and Damien Allen couldn’t be more opposite.

Adelaide’s mother abandoned her when she was ten years old, leaving her to be raised by her abusive and alcoholic father.

Damien on the other hand came from a wealthy family, was a local celebrity, and seemed to have a bright future ahead of him.

Despite their differences, Adelaide and Damien were young, wild, and fiercely in love.

And they had a plan.

They were going to run away.

Be together forever.

And their plan was set in motion, until tragedy struck and for some reason, Adelaide wound up in The Oakhill Institution for the insane.

Adelaide has no idea what she did to wind up at Oakhill, but she knows one thing for sure…

She wants out.

And after Damien follows her there to aid her in escaping, Adelaide slowly begins putting together the pieces of her memory that are missing.

And it doesn’t take Adelaide long to figure out that sometimes…

That one true love never dies.


Shoving my feet off the side of the bed, new surroundings burn my eyes. Tan plaster walls instead of thick white padded ones. One oblong barred window. Two dressers. Two closets. Two beds.

They’ve moved me to a different room.

A gentle squeaking noise bounces off the walls and my eyes avert to my right. Oh crap. They put me in a room with a nut job.

They say I’m a nut job.

But not like this.

Not even close.

She rocks back and forth on her cot, knees to her chest, twisting a piece of her wiry, red hair between her fingertips. Her freckled arms are trembling. She sings with vibrato.

I am slowly going crazy. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six.


Crazy going slowly am I. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six.


I think about screaming again. I think about plugging my ears. Somebody turn her off.

She lifts her head slowly, a maddening look in her big, brown eyes, an eerie smile crawling across her pale, freckled lips. “Shh,” she whispers. “They’re coming for us.”

“Who’s they?”

She shakes her head and lets out a cackle laced with the deepest kind of crazy. I think they put her in here with me purposely. They’re trying to break me. They think if they put me around truly insane people that I’ll accept my place here.

Well…They are wrong.

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