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July 7, 2012 Book Covers, Discussion 10

There seems to be a lot of changes in regards to book covers lately, especially in series. I don’t know about you but, I LOVE cover reveals! I know we are not supposed to judge a book by the cover but let’s be honest, a lot of us do. They are meant to draw us in and make us want to know what the book is about! I know there have been books I have picked up purely because of the gorgeous cover. I am sure I have also overlooked amazing books because of a cover that didn’t grab me as well. So when I see a cover reveal for something I already have, I get excited for about 5 seconds and then I get… well I get kind of bummed out.

So why the change? Well, I am assuming there are a few reasons this might happen but I feel like the most likely is that they are trying to appeal to a wider audience. Perhaps the original cover was bland and they want something a little more attention getting. Or maybe the original cover had a pretty girl or a lot of pink and purple and they wanted to appeal more to the male gender. Or how about the cover is just dated and they needed something fresh. Maybe after the first book they just could not find additional covers to go along with, or fit, the rest of the series. OR MAYBE they like to torture us and make us dish out more money. Okay, that last one is probably not true but it sure feels that way sometimes.

I HAVE to have my series book covers match. I don’t know about you, but it is really frustrating to spend money on a book and then find out there is a whole cover redo, or even worse, after the second in the series! I love to read and buy books but I cannot afford to spend more money on those I already own because the covers were changed. And I am starting to get a little paranoid about buying first books in a series for this very reason.

Lets take a look at a few changes:


I actually liked the first cover a lot! Do I think it went with the story well? Not really but I don’t see how the new one is any better at it. I assumed, beforehand, that Unravel Me would have a similar style as the first cover, but with the girl wearing the outfit she obtains in the end of Shatter Me (was that vague enough without spoilers? LOL). But I do love the new covers more. They are gorgeous! I am thankful I didn’t buy a hard copy of Shatter Me before the change.



I did read Delirium before the cover change, but I had on recommendation and read the ebook. I hate to say that I most likely would have overlooked it on my own though. Something about the font and the cover color just doesn’t grasp me. The pretty girl on the cover of the new design doesn’t scream at me either but I do like it and assume it attracts a lot more readers than the first did.



I don’t even know what to say about this one. I have always been a sucker for blues and purples on a cover, as well as kissing, so I am a huge fan of the first one cover design. It also looks beautiful with A Million Suns. The other cover for Across the Universe, I believe, is for the paperback? I like it okay but I am confused as to why just the paperback was redone if the following was going to happen:

So now the whole book series design has been redone for the 3rd book. So you mean now everyone who has bought not just the first book in the series, but also the second book, will now have a 3rd that doesn’t match? Why now?! Why couldn’t the overhaul have waited for down the road? I JUST got a copy of Across the Universe and I am so disappointed. I personally don’t care for the new design. I hate to say it, but the inconsistencies make me not want to buy the final book, and instead just wait to get a copy from the library. I don’t want to feel that way. 🙁

I guess what I am saying is, I am not a fan of cover changes. I really think there should be consistency in the design for the readers at least until after the completition of a series. And if for some reason a change needs to be made, for goodness sakes it needs to be done after the first book!

These are my thoughts on this specific topic. I would love to know what you all think about redone covers. Do you love them? Hate them? Are there any you like best? What do you think of the ones I mentioned and/or do you know of others? I want to know what YOU think about this! 🙂

Sara @ Forever 17 Books

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  1. Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed

    Ihate hate hate cover redos! Except for delirium, ive never liked a cover redo. I stopped reading the nightshade series by andrea cremer because I hated the new covers so much. I hate that they redid Obsidian and you cant even see Katys face. Honestly i think its an insult tothe readers to redo covers after we have bought and have become attached to them. Great post!

  2. Fi-chan (Bookish-Escape)

    OMG the new covers of Across the Universe is horrible! And yes I understand your pain, it’s just odd if you have few books in the series with non-matching book covers. D: I don’t yet suffer from such pain D: but I do have a few first-in-the-series books that I have yet to read and with their covers redone D:

  3. Nikki H

    I know exactly what you mean. I feel the same way! Great post!

    And ummm the new covers for Across the Universe series…. Two thumbs wayyyyyy down!

  4. Reena Jacobs

    Not having read the books, I like the original Shattered Me better. As a reader going into an unknown book, I get that cover. I remember wanting the books just because of the covers. Never got around to it though. The other ones, I totally don’t get. Guess I’d have to read the book to understand. But the new cover of Shattered Me totally doesn’t capture me like the original.

    The Delirum cover was quite plain, but if they’d followed through, I think it’d make the book stand out… easy to recognize and pull of the shelf. Not exactly eye catching though… more strategic for a book that has the benefit of word of mouth. The new cover has the feel a young adult cover with the face on front. Nothing spectacular, everyone’s doing it. 🙂 I plan to try the face thing out myself. Still, I wished they’d done a little more to it though. Looks like they just slapped the text on the image and kept on going.

    I also liked the mystery of the original covers for the Across the Universe series. The new cover looks more steampunk. The middle cover looks very sci-fi and works, but I still like the whimsical feel of the original covers.

    I don’t have a problem with cover redoes. Publishing is a business, and publishers are trying to maximize profits. Covers are fun… I like seeing what folks are doing, even if it means a change to the old.

    For these particular covers, I think the originals are better though.

    • sarabara081 @ Forever 17 Books

      Yes the pretty face or a girl in a dress is VERY popular. I do admit that I usually love them but I also confuse some covers and books because they start to look the same. And obviously they often have nothing to do with the actual premise.

      I love cover redoes when it is a stand alone or after a series is complete. I love a fresh spin on things, just not in the middle of a series.

      Thank you for your comment! I like hearing all different opinions. 🙂

  5. Jenni

    I know exactly what you mean! If I’m going to buy the books for my collection to keep I like them to be the same type of covers. I’ve had a few times I can remember that I accidentally bought a second copy because the covers were so completely different I just didn’t realize I had already had them. I love how you put the examples side by side. I think that the original cover of Shatter Me is way better than the new ones. I haven’t been able to read it yet though. I haven’t read across the universe yet but I have to say that the new set of covers for that would deter me from looking further at the book if I just saw it in a store. That’s terrible I know!

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