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Fairy tales sung sweetly can take us back to childhood, but just beneath those same sweet tales, is a hint of something dark…

Month9Books, a new publisher of speculative fiction for teens and tweens launches in October 2012, with the release of TWO AND TWENTY DARK TALES: DARK RETELLINGS OF MOTHER GOOSE RHYMES. This unique collaboration’s proceeds (from the first 5,000 copies sold) will be donated to YALITCHAT.ORG, an organization that fosters the advancement, reading, writing and acceptance of young adult literature worldwide. TWO AND TWENTY DARK TALES: DARK RETELLINGS OF MOTHER GOOSE RHYMES features some of today’s most admired young adult authors, including: Michelle Zink, Lisa Mantchev, Sarwat Chadda, Nina Berry, Leigh Fallon, Suzanne Young, C. Lee McKenzie, Angie Frazier, Jessie Harrell, Gretchen McNeil, KM Walton, Heidi R. Kling, Nancy Holder, Karen Mahoney, Suzanne Lazear, Pamela van Hylckama Vlieg, Shannon Delany with Max Scialdone, Leah Cypess, Sayantani DasGupta, and Georgia McBride, founder of Month9Books. Francisco X. Stork, author of the critically acclaimed MARCELLO IN THE REAL WORLD, provides a foreword that is nearly as riveting as the stories themselves.

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Guest Post: Heidi R. Kling

Today I have the pleasure of sharing with you a guest post from Heidi R. Kling. She contributes a dark and disturbing, sort of dystopian, take on There Was an Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe in her contribution to Two and Twenty Tales called Life in a Shoe. For her guest post, and since Halloween is right around the corner, I asked the author if she had any scary true stories she would like to share:

I’ve always been afraid of things that go bump in the night but this particular incident made me fear things that go bump in the day. As a child, I attended three different types of Christian schools: Catholic (grades 2-3), Lutheran (grades 4-6), and Assembly of God (grades 7-8). By the time I was thirteen I was well-versed in the powers of the devil, having witnessed Satan himself* be liberated from young children via a candlelit tent ceremony at Creepiest Bible Camp Ever, I got that evil existed and (*usually in the human form of a particularly manipulative pastor.) Don’t get me wrong, my parents were well meaning. They wanted to keep us out of public schools where Bad Kids Lurk in Corners Dangling Drugs and Other Bad Things From Their Fingers of Temptation and, in turn, all they did was immerse us in the Wicked on Earth: pastors so weak minded and insecure that they used what power they have to ward over the innocent. More is a story for another day. This story involves an Ouija Board, my best friend, and the garage behind her auntie’s house.

“Is that a Ouija Board?” I asked, Jumunji-style hovering over a closed, dusty box in Tina’s aunt’s garage. We were bored. Unsupervised and on summer break.
“I think so,” she replied.
“Don’t touch it.”
She didn’t.
“You don’t either.”
I didn’t.
“Should we touch it?” I asked.
“I’ve always wanted to play with one.”
“Me too.”
“At least…let’s just look at the board.”
“Okay, what could that hurt? If we just…lift off the lid and see what it looks like.”
We sat. Still. Staring at the curved writing, willing each other, willing ourselves, to be brave enough to open it. I mean, we heard all about it from church school. You open something like that? You open yourself up to something evil like Ouija, something wicked, something impure, you might as well possess yourself with demons. Shove their red horns right into your own heart. Wait for them to possess you to the point of foaming mouths and fire eyes. The works.
“You do it,” I said to Tina, my voice shaky.
“You,” she said to me.
Her nod was brief. A wisp of a nod. Barely there.
But it was all the confirmation I needed.
Light as a feather and still as a board, we carried the box to the center of the room and set it on the floor.
Sitting on our knees, two hands on each side of the box, we started to lift the cover.
Fingers flew off dusty cardboard.
Hearts pounding, our young teenage eyes darted toward the side door, which slammed shut the very instant we lifted the box cover, a physical reminder that we were messing with stuff we shouldn’t be. Without returning the game to the cabinets we bolted from the garage, sprinting into her house and fleeing to a kitchen where we anxiously accepted Tina’s aunt’s offer for chocolate chip cookies and milk. Like the good Christian girls we were, we silently vowed never to touch a Ouija board again.
Around the plastic floral tablecloth dipping our cookies in tall glasses of milk, we discussed something that would restore our innocence: a spirit cleansing trip to the mall instead.

Ahhh, the power of the Ouija Board! I have so many memories of playing Ouija with friends when I was young.

And now I have for you an awesome giveaway for Heidi R. Kling’s novel, Sea!

Giveaway Rules:
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Month 9 Books is a publisher of speculative fiction for teens and tweens… where nothing is as it seems. Month9Books will donate proceeds from each of its annual charity anthologies to a deserving charity. Individually, authors may donate his or her advances and royalties to a charitable organization. Month9Books will also release 10-12 non-charitable titles annually. TWO AND TWENTY DARK TALES: DARK RETELLINGS OF MOTHER GOOSE RHYMES is Month9Books’s first release. Month9Books is distributed by Small Press United, a division of IPG. You may visit for more information.

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    I always liked the Jack Spat, Jack Be Nimble and Humpty Dumpty. Thanks for the giveaway! Sierra
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  2. *Pernille*

    wohuuu, thats scary – but scary in that way -> “I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!” lol
    I have never myself played with a Ouija Board – I am too scared, imagine if someone answered back o.0
    My mom used to read H.C. Andersen when I was a kid. Even though they are fairytales, they dont always end good. I love the ugly duckling and The tinder-box of his 🙂

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