Best Tear-Inducing Books of 2012

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Top 10 of 2012 is a week long celebration of all that we loved in novels this year! This event is hosted by Fiktshun, Confessions of a Bookaholic, Two Chicks on Books, A Life Bound By Books, and Magical Urban Fantasy Reads.

Today’s topic is Blogger’s choice. I had a hard time decided what to do here that wouldn’t just feel like a repeat of my favorite books for the year. I also felt my reading spanned a variety of genres, so it was hard to come up with 10 for one given genre. So what to do…

Fact: I am one of those people who cries embarrassingly easy. I don’t know why and it drives me insane, but it is just something that I do. Give me an emotional read and I am guaranteed to cry like a baby. So here is my Top 10 list of books that made me tear up, and perhaps snot sob into an entire box of tissues, this year!

Best Tear-Inducing (a.k.a. Hurt So Good) Books of 2012

Yep, one of those books you gotta set aside constanty to catch your breath. For me, at least. Loved it times a million though!

I love angst. Give me a good angsty story and I am hooked from start to finish. This is probably the first and only book that it hurt so good that I wanted to flounce. Just for a second. Then I kept going and just loved it all that much more! MY REVIEW

If you read the synopsis, you know that the main character’s boyfriend dies in the beginning and this book is about her regaining her memory of the events that led to it. Enough said. MY REVIEW

I must admit that the beginning was a little confusing, BUT wow. This is the type of book that stays with you. The characters are just, wonderfully written. A definite must-read. MY REVIEW

Was totally not expecting this sequel to be as emotional as it was. It truly put this series on another level for me and I just loved it.

Touching poetry slams as well as an emotional story about family and love. MY REVIEW

A paralyzed boy stuck in the hospital and develops a connection with the girl in the room next door. There is a lot of mystery ingrained in the story, but I found myself needing a few tissues for a couple scenes. MY REVIEW

These poor characters had so much going on but Noah’s story really touched me the most and was a huge part of why I enjoyed this book as much as I did. MY REVIEW

This story is about a girl who sees the ghost of her murdered childhood friend/love. Yep. I am sure you can imagine the heartbreak already, if you haven’t read it. There was a murder mystery to solve, so it wasn’t all sad, but it definitely caused a few needed breaks to compose myself.

Every single book in this series had a moment that gutted me. Sometimes made me want to throw the book, but so well done. A must-read series. When I finished the last book I immediately wanted to start all over and take the journey again. MY REVIEW 1 | MY REVIEW 2 | MY REVIEW 3

Did you read any good books that made you cry this year? If you took part in today’s Top 10 list, I would love to check it out, so leave a link if you got one!

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34 Responses to “Best Tear-Inducing Books of 2012”

  1. Patricia

    It hurts so good-books are most of the times my favorites, and also the titles I seldomly reread, even though I love to do just that with almost everything. Great list and topic!

    Happy Holidays!


  2. Jennifer Messerschmidt

    Great topic! I cry at almost every book so it would be a hard one for me! LOL I know The Fault in Our Stars is a major downer so I decided not to read it. I cried at Hallowed too! So sad for Clara. And I cried at the end of On The Fringe. I hate ghost books when they don’t have happy endings.
    My Top 10

  3. Tanja - Tanychy

    Oh Jellicoe!! Part of my heart is still in that book. I’ve read others form your list and I mostly loved them but Jellicoe is another level of awesomeness 🙂

  4. jarkin33

    Great list choice!! I’m not a cryer though TFiOS got me good – LOL I loved HTKaRS and Jellicoe so much… of course TFiOS too! I’ll have to check some of these others out if I’m in need of a much needed cry!!

    Also – you know I posted my top ten out of order LOL I noticed when you commented *shaking my head* this is why I don’t create posts ahead of time LOL


  5. Kelsey Ketch

    Wow. I have not read any of these! I’ve heard good things about Pushing the Limits, but I’ve never really been one for pure romance. I might still have to try it some day. 🙂

  6. Ashley @ Book Labyrinth

    Ack, those Chaos Walking books… definitely a good choice for this category. Omigosh, Manchee!!!

    The Fault in Our Stars is definitely a must for this category as well. I didn’t actually like the book very much, but you would have to be made of stone not to tear up or cry while reading it.

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