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May 31, 2013 Armchair BEA 2013, Ethics 30

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Today’s topic deals with the ethics behind blogging. Are there guidelines to follow? And what about that dirty word in the blogosphere, plagiarism?

I personally don’t think there are really any set guidelines a blogger has to use. Your blog is YOUR blog. Write and do what you love and what works for YOU. If all bloggers followed the exact same format and did the exact same thing, it would be quite boring, no?

When I was first starting out, this is what I struggled with because I felt like there was supposed to be these guidelines I had to use. I need structure and for things to be spelled out for me! I had no idea what I was doing and was basically flying by the seat of my pants. And that can be scary, but it’s okay! It took some time but eventually I think I found my groove, though in many respects I still feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. lol As long as you are follow basic life ethics of kindness, respecting others opinions even when they differ from your own, and such I think you’re good.

And then there is that dirty, dirty word. PLAGIARISM. Luckily, I haven’t had any problems, personally. *knocks on wood* But I’ve seen so many other bloggers who have. It’s sad to me that someone would have to steal the words of another instead of forming their own. If I wanted to know what Billy Bob’s opinion was on a book, I’d go to Billy Bob’s blog. The best thing you can do for your readers is to be honest and share your own thoughts and feelings. I often avoid reviews for books I am in the middle of reading or just about to read because I do not want any thoughts to even influence my review. When brainstorming new ideas for the blog, I get super paranoid that someone out there is already doing it and I don’t want to copy any of their idea. Does anyone else get like that too?

The best part of the blogosphere is the sense of community. So if you are unsure about something, ask! I’ve had to do this plenty of times and I’m sure a lot of others have too. I may not know a lot, but I’m always open if anyone ever has a question and I’ll always try to answer any way I can. 🙂

And remember:

BEE yourself!

Sara @ Forever 17 Books

30 Responses to “Armchair BEA 2013 – Ethics”

  1. Books in the Burbs

    Great post! I agree, bloggers are always so willing to help out:). I wish I could have a fancier blog like others, but I’m limited by my own techy abilities. However, I love writing reviews and sharing my thoughts with other readers, so I focus on that basic goal of mine 🙂

  2. Kimmy

    I’m the same way – when I’m reading a book and working on a review, I don’t want to read any one else’s review of it until I’m finished mine.

  3. starryeyedjen

    I do the same thing: avoid reviews until after I’ve written my own. Unless it’s when I’m just adding a book to my TBR. ‘Cause then I need to know if it’s worth adding to that mountain. 🙂

  4. Silverlight

    Great Post! I always feel the same way, PARNOID! I always get really nervous when hitting that publish button, be it for a review, a new idea, or even today’s topic, which I’m super nervous about! It’s good to know I’m not the only one, phew.

  5. tonyalee @ lilybloombooks

    I’m paranoid by nature, so I agree with you there! I didn’t mention this in my post, but I think a lot of people are quick to jump on the plagiarism wagon. Yes, it happens but great minds think a like ya know? Two or more people can have the same feelings about a book, doesn’t mean they copy eachtother.
    ANYWAY- You’re right! Just do you and be happy 🙂

    Great post

    • Sara @ Forever 17 Books

      I’m sure a lot of people have similar thoughts. It’s definitely important to make sure to steer clear of other people’s reviews as you write your own just so things don’t carry over.

  6. Aman

    Great post, Sara! When I first started blogging, I didn’t knew what I was doing either. I pressured myself into doing certain number of reviews a week to get more pageviews, but in the end I was torturing myself into reading and not enjoying the work. It’s important to slow down and love what you do.
    And same as you, I don’t read reviews for books that I know I’m going to be reading soon. I feel like I’ll remember their words and unintentionally add it in my review. Yeah, I’m paranoid like that too.

    • Sara @ Forever 17 Books

      Ugh. Yeah, I’ve let go on forcing myself to have a certain amount of posts a week, or read a certain amount of books. I can only go so fast and I don’t want it to be a chore.

  7. Mel@Thedailyprophecy

    I had the same thing when I started my own meme! It’s so hard to make sure that you are not plagiarizing, because I think it’s an easy trap to fall for. I also stay away from reviews right before I write my own review. You never know when you get influenced by it 🙂


  8. Sunny Duvall

    Hehe, love your Aladdin gif 🙂 I love this Armchair BEA event! And I totally agree with you. Your blog is YOUR blog, but you should NOT do plagiarism. Baaaad bloggers. And to ask is the best way, I was shy at first, but asking is great in the blogging community because everyone is usually so nice! Love this post!

  9. Holly Harris

    Lovin’ your Aladdin gif too!!! One of my all time favorite kid movies!! Nearly every blog I’ve visited so far this morning agrees on not reading other reviews on a book they haven’t read yet – and I’m very much that way too. I think a lot of people are so nervous/skittish/cautious about plagiarism that they avoid at all costs anything that may lead to it.

    Holly @ Words Fueled by Love

  10. Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed

    It took me a while to realize that I don’t have to do things like other bloggers. I could do what I wanted when I wanted cause it was my blog. I can’t post a damn review every day. I can’t spend all day and night reading. I don’t have to post something every day.
    My number is thing is to keep my blog a hobby, something I ENJOY doing and not make it feel like a job. Great post. Now I want to watch Aladdin 🙂

  11. Sandy Farmer

    Billy Bob…HAHAHAHA!!!!! I’m the same way about avoiding reading reviews of books I’m reading or planning to read. I definitely get paranoid too….because how do you prove you’ve never seen Billy Bob’s blog and therefore you didn’t steal his idea? Nice post!

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  12. Leanne Yang

    I don’t think there are any rigid rules to blogging either, but there are still certain things that should be done. I hope new bloggers are getting a good look at these posts because they’re actually quite helpful!

    Leanne @ Escaping With Books

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