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May 3, 2013 May 2013, TBR 15

These are the books being released this month that I am most looking forward to! I realize I’m a little late with this post once again this month, but with the nicer weather I’ve been busy spring cleaning (gross) as well as dealing with a few other less enjoyable things too. But you don’t want to hear all that, so onto another crazy month with a ton of awesome releases that are on my TBR!

May 6th-9th:

-Click to Subscribe by L.M. Augustine So cute! Review up next week.

May 14th-15th:

-Parallel by Lauren Miller Sooooo good! Review to come!

May 21st:

May 28th:

Is it just me or is it always the beginning of the month that has the most releases? lol Well there are some really awesome books to look forward to this month. Are you looking forward to any of these too? Anything different I might have missed? Let me know! 🙂

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  1. Genevieve Hayes

    On the strength of “Beautiful Creatures”, I really want to read “Icons” when it comes out. I’m also interested in reading “Truth or Dare”, largely because it sounds an awful lot like those old Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine books I used to read when I was younger.
    ~ http://www.murderandangst.com

  2. Candace

    It does seem like the beginning of the month has a lot more releases. I have a BUNCH that release this coming week that I still need to read! I’m so behind!

  3. Born Bookish

    Usually our lists are very similar but this month we only have a few that are the same. Click to Subscribe sounds beyond adorable and Riptide also got added to my TBR. Thanks for sharing =)

  4. Brandy C

    I’ve been a fan of your blog for a really long time. It’s one of the first ones I came across when I decided to review books. And now my book appeared on your site, sooo crazy!

    happy reading!!

    brandy jeffus

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