Armchair BEA 2013 – Keeping It Real & Children’s/YA Literature

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Keeping it Real

How do you not only grow an audience, but how do you keep them coming back for more? If you have been around for years, how do you keep your material fresh? How do you continue to keep blogging fun?

I honestly don’t think I have an exact answer to these questions. How do I keep people coming back? I’d like to think they value my thoughts on books, like to look for recs and enjoy anything else I post.

I also try to post at least one giveaway a month, though it’s been a lot more than one for the past couple. That can be a good way for new readers to discover the blog. I also try to return comments for each I receive, sharing the comment love. That can be a very time consuming process as the blog continues to grow, but I hope I can always make time for it, even if it takes a few days to catch up. I love getting to check out other blogs and getting to ‘meet’ new bloggers.

I’m always trying to come up with new ideas on the blog but I am horrible at brainstorming them. I have one for the summer that I hope to get the ball rolling on. *fingers crossed* Other than that, I just try to read books I think I’ll like and post about books I’d like to read. That’s fun for me!

Children’s/Young Adult Literature

If anyone is new to my blog and doesn’t know, I read and review mostly YA novels. Why? Well, I’ve always loved them. I think that time of your life is magical. It’s all about discoveries and fun, really coming into your own person. As an adult, it is nice to escape back to that time before the world of responsibilities. And, I don’t know, I’ve found a home in YA.

Here are 5 books, er series?, the YA reader should have on their shelf:

  1. Harry Potter series – I know it starts off more MG but I cannot imagine my life without this series. It will forever have a place in my heart and should be shared from generation to generation.
  2. Divergent series – One of my all-time favorite Dystopians with lots of action and amazing characters!
  3. The Fault in Our Stars – The love and loss theme stays with you forever. Plus, some of the best literary quotes I’ve read are found in the pages.
  4. Chaos Walking series – This series is exciting and so very unique. I laughed, I cried, I shook my head, and hell, I threw my book. 
  5. Jellicoe Road – Because Jonah Griggs.

As a mom, and caregiver, I also come across A LOT of children’s books too. As my oldest develops his reading skills, it’s so exciting for me to see him reading some of these books I love all by himself. *sniffles*

Here are 5 books that should be on your Children’s shelf:

  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 
  2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  3. Green Eggs and Ham (This was great when Shawn was learning how to read)
  4. Love You Forever – This book makes me tear up
  5. The Giving Tree

Before we part ways, here is a clip of Joey’s dramatic reading of Love You Forever on Friends:

There are so many more books I’m leaving out here, but what are some of your must-have on your shelves? And how do you ‘keep it real’?

Sara @ Forever 17 Books

22 Responses to “Armchair BEA 2013 – Keeping It Real & Children’s/YA Literature”

  1. Nise'

    Loved the Chaos Walking series too. Jellico Road was fantastic. I loved all your YA recommendations.

  2. Renu

    While TFiOS didn’t quite blow me away like is has with others I still really enjoyed it. Jellicoe Road was also a pleasant surprise. And the HP series = <33

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Very Hungry Caterpillar were my fave childhood books!

  3. Kelly

    Haha I totally threw my book after reading The Knife of Never Letting Go, and I think it only got worse with the second one! Such a great series 🙂

  4. Jessica Leigh

    Yes to HP and Divergent! (I haven’t read the others.) But I agree with what you said about keeping it real. I try to always comment back on someone’s blog after they’ve commented on mine and am just overall trying to be better about visiting other’s blogs and commenting on their reviews! More often than not, time gets away from me and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to look at everyone’s like I would like. I do want to do more giveaways though! That is one thing I would like to do more!

  5. Sandy Farmer

    I’m with you…I always try to return comments. I didn’t always before I added Disqus to my blog since the commentor wouldn’t even know if I replied without a commenting system that would email them when I did. But I agree…I think maintaining that is necessary. I hope I always have time for that too. Nice post!

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

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