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August 11, 2013 Post on Sundays, Stacking the Shelves 44

**’Post’ on Sundays is a weekly/biweekly post here at Forever 17 Books where I can share with you all the goodies I have received, bought or borrowed. This post was inspired by In My Mailbox by The Story Siren.**

I have decided to start linking up with Tynga’s Reviews and the Stacking the Shelves meme!

Here’s my book haul from the past 2 weeks!

-Rush by Eve Silver
-The Boyfriend App by Katie Sise
-My Life After Now by Jessica Verdi
-The Mist on the Bronte Moor by Aviva Orr
-Anthem for Jackson Dawes by Celia Bryce
-That Time I Joined the Circus by J.J. Howard I read this one already! my review
-The Flame in the Mist by Kit Grindstaff

All of the above books I received from the wonderful Tara @ Hobbitsies! I won the April prize pack for the Debut Authors Challenge and she even threw in a couple extras for me!

-Another Little Piece by Kate Karyus Quinn Thank you Wendy @ The Midnight Garden and Epic Reads! I just noticed the author is from Buffalo, which is really close to me, so I’m even more excited to read this!
-Inhuman by Kat Falls Won this from the lovely Claire Legrand during ARCAPALOOZA!
-Ink Exchange (Wicked Lovely #2) by Melissa Marr Thank you Epic Reads and #teatime! I haven’t read this series yet but I’m kinda in love with this cover and need to check it out!

-Find Me by Romily Bernard Thank you HarperTeen, Edelweiss and The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club! My blog tour stop will be next month!
-The Promise of Amazing by Robin Constantine Thank you HarperTeen and Edelweiss!

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Sara @ Forever 17 Books

44 Responses to “‘Post’ on Sundays (51)”

  1. Renu

    Ooh, I’m curious to see what you think of Another Little Piece. Despite receiving a mix bag pf review I am really looking forward to it.

  2. kit

    The Boyfriend App looks good, and That Time I Joined the Circus sounds like a fun read – hope you enjoy all your books!

  3. Tabitha S

    Ohh my goodness! SO many great sounding books this week! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on The Boyfriend App, My Life After Now, and Anthem for Jackson Hawes!

    Hope you enjoy ALL of your great sounding books. (:

    – Tabitha @ Tabitha’s Book Blog

  4. Jasprit

    Such a wonderful haul Sara! I can’t wait to read That Time I Joined the Circus and The Promise of Amazing either, they both look like great reads! I hope you enjoy all your books! 🙂

  5. Kara_Malinczak

    Wow you are super lucky at giveaway wins! I wish I had your luck. It got to the point where I wasn’t winning anything so I just stopped entering. But if I were like you, I would never quit!

  6. Becca

    I like the spine of The Boyfriend App! And I’m curious about how you like Rush. Seems like it’s mixed reviews so far. I hope you like Find Me. I loved it 😀 Very good thriller!

  7. starryeyedjen

    YOU HAVE ALL THE GIVEAWAY LUCK! Seriously, congrats on that awesome haul! Can’t wait to see what you think of all your new reads! I am biding my time until I can get to The Promise of Amazing. I keep telling myself, “Once you finish up your Sept./Oct. review books, you can have free reign and read whatever you want.” 😛

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