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March 27, 2014 Adult, Book Review 20 ★★★★

Georgina Kincaid series (Books 1-6)Georgina Kincaid series (Books 1-6) by Richelle Mead
Series: Georgina Kincaid #1-6
Published by Kensington on February 27th 2007 - August 30th 2011
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy
Source: Bought, Library
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<p>As if love wasn't hard enough! Imagine not being able to touch your boyfriend without sucking away his soul. Welcome to the world of Georgina Kincaid, a reluctant succubus who always seems to find herself in the middle of supernatural intrigue...</p>
<p>This adult urban fantasy series marked Richelle's debut as a published writer. NYT Bestselling author Jim Butcher had this to say about <em>Succubus Blues</em>: "" engaging read, with an unusually tangible, believable, <strong>living</strong> story world, featuring a protagonist of unexpected depth and sympathy."</p>

I’ve decided to do this series as a joint review with my overall impression because I feel like a lot of my feelings and thoughts will be repetitive otherwise and I want to keep this spoiler-free! So here we go!

Adult paranormal urban fantasy romances are not my usual thing. Or at least, I never gave them a chance to be my thing before starting this series. So what brought these books to my attention you may ask? Well in case you missed the author’s name, it’s Richelle Mead. When I read the Vampire Academy series a few months ago, I got so immersed in the story and characters that it was hard to close the last book and be done with them. Binge reading a whole series at once is something I HAD to do again and Richelle Mead was just the author to do it with. The perfect timing came from Nereyda @ Mostly YA Book Obsessed and Megan at Reading Books Like a Boss who were hosting a readathon of this series and even though I knew nothing about it, I immediately signed up!

Since I am talking about all the books in general, I posted a very small synopsis above of the whole series that I found on Richelle Mead’s website. I did this instead of posting the one from the first book, Succubus Blues, because well, I don’t personally care for that synopsis. It didn’t draw me in initially and I don’t want you to base your thoughts on what the series is about just from that. In a nut shell, these books are about a woman, a succubus, named Georgina. She is an immortal who draws life energy from her victims through sex to help sustain her own life and to fulfill her contract with Hell. But this isn’t the life the wanted. Throughout the books she falls in love with a mortal human and struggles with indecision and how to make the relationship work given her, um, occupation. Of course all sorts of forces of the normal and supernatural variety cause problems as well making for one interesting and somewhat complex story from start to finish.

I can honestly say I’ve never read about a succubus. I thought I might get uncomfortable with the sex scenes with random strangers but I felt like the author approached this situation just right. Of course we witness many of these acts but it is shown only when it serves a purpose for us the readers to see it. How well Georgina was written cemented just how talented Richelle Mead is at writing complex and flawed characters that are still likable. The girl made mistakes, ones that frustrated me at times, but I was always on her side, rooting for her. We see her become vulnerable, angry, sad, hurt and all sorts of emotions from book to book. And I always felt that right along with her. She could be crass but also snarky. She was not the type to sit back and let others handle situations. She faced danger head on, and was willing to fight for answers no matter what the consequences could be.

The author is not only amazing at writing strong main characters but secondary characters as well. I cannot even say how much I enjoyed some of the small players, even the ones I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to like. They all fit into the mysteries of each book, woven into it in a way that sometimes made me question their intentions, but in the best of ways. Roman and Carter are probably my favorites throughout the series. Roman is swoony at times but also dangerous. And he remains a mystery for a good chunk of the series. I couldn’t help but love him no matter what role he played. Carter the angel… his vagueness and ability to deflect made him so fun and hilarious to me. He might have been my overall favorite and to be honest, he really isn’t on the pages all that much. I wish we had more of him but part of what made him so great was how minimal he chose to be involved in the open yet how much he so was so detrimental when it came down to it.  Of course there is also Seth. I adored his sweet and pure nature in a world with demons and mystery. And he’s a writer! It was so cool to have a character so involved in the book world, writing and talking about character development, and even ARCs! He was an excellent love interest, most of the time. Of course he isn’t perfect either and sometimes he was a little too passive for me but overall someone I was rooting for. Just the right amount of sweet to dull down the spice.

Obviously with 6 books there are a lot of bumps in the road in the romance department. There were also surprises and twists thrown in as well. Oh and of course the heartache. But the journey from book to book was very well done and the pacing was right on, minus a few scattered moments here and there that read a little slower. But it never left me feeling bored or forced. Everything flowed well and came together in the final installment.

It’s hard to pinpoint gripes. I was concerned the demons, imps, vampires, angels, etc. would feel cheesy to me, because they sometimes do. But I found myself really getting into this and liking how they were portrayed for the most part. It was something different for me. I think occasionally I was bothered by some of the ‘cheating’. I mean, it’s hard to call it that exactly. It was but it wasn’t. Obviously Georgina, despite her love for someone, has to do her job. It’s watered down and not shown much but there were a few moments where I felt bothered by how easily it could be overlooked and not made into a bigger deal in a relationship as I would personally consider it.  I also was able to guess a few twists before they happened, though it really didn’t bother me too much. It still gave me that anxiety and on-the-edge feel, waiting for it to happen. But on a whole, the series was fun to read and I enjoyed the books very much.

Each book told its own story and completed a piece of the puzzle to Georgina Kincaid’s story. They varied from each other but had a very good continuity throughout. When secrets are revealed in the finale book, I found myself wanting to start all over again from the beginning and pick up on any little hints I might have missed the first time. I would definitely recommend this series if you like paranormal adult reads or are a fan of Richelle Mead’s storytelling!



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About Richelle Mead

Scorpio Richelle Mead is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of urban fantasy books for both adults and teens. Originally from Michigan, Richelle now lives in Seattle, Washington where she works on her three series full-time: Georgina Kincaid, Dark Swan, and Vampire Academy.

A life-long reader, Richelle has always loved mythology and folklore. When she can actually tear herself away from books (either reading or writing them), she enjoys bad reality TV, traveling, trying interesting cocktails, and shopping for dresses. She’s a self-professed coffee addict and has a passion for all things wacky and humorous.

Sara @ Forever 17 Books

20 Responses to “Review: Georgina Kincaid series by Richelle Mead”

  1. Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed

    *spoilers* Oh man, I still pick up on hints! I didn’t pick up that Bastien was in on the whole plot until this last re-read. Then there’s the ‘you were wearing this color the first time we met’ thing Seth said. Only she wasn’t…not this time. There’s also the tiny little details that Richelle adds that seem so unimportant. Like when Carter was hinting at Andrea’s illness in the pictionary game (Oncology – the Mortensen girls’ mom gets cancer later on.
    The Devil and Daniel Webster – was a short story about a farmer who sold his soul to the devil and the lawyer who defended him was Daniel Webster. Was he hinting at the Roman/case thing?
    Watergate has something to do with the faulty contract. And the War of 1812…I’m still trying to figure that one out! Maybe I’ll figure it out in my next re-read)
    Carter! He was the best! I know think EVERYTHING he said might have been a clue! That part where he dressed up as Santa and brought all the My Little Ponies made me cry. And I DO NOT cry in books! He was such a great character. I really do hope Richelle writes the Carter/Roman/Jerome spinoff one day. I have a bunch of theories about Jerome. I just finished writing Megan a long ass email about them 🙂
    Roman! Book 6 hurt. I was happy…but sad. Once again, I know there had to have been some reason why Jerome and Carter didn’t kill him…
    I knew about the Seth thing from book one but was not expecting that other twist! I’ve always thought she did that on purpose, kind of like a misderection thing…
    Hugh, Cody and Peter cracked me up. I loved how they all protected Georgina. Especially Hugh. I have a special spot for Doug too. And Maddie…ugh! I wanted to hate her so bad! I would almost even convinced myself I hated her but then she would do something that not only made me like her but it also made me feel bad for trying to hate her.
    The cheating/not cheating thing always makes me feel so iffy. But, she is a succubus and her brain is just wired for sex…
    I love this book even more each time I re-read it and I always find more new clues. I’m on book 5 right now and I still can’t believe you read this so fast! I’m happy you liked it!
    Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed recently posted…Waiting On Wednesday! (107)My Profile

  2. Ebony

    Thanks for the review! I’ve never added this series to my TBR because the covers put me off and I’d never heard anything about them, but the series is definitely on my TBR now…they’ve definitely intrigued me!
    Ebony recently posted…Life of a Blogger #6My Profile

  3. tonyalee

    I actually love Paranormal romance/Urban fantasy but haven’t read this series. I love the sound of it though so I might make this my next series read :)Glad you liked it 🙂

    (BTW, YAY for figuring out how to do the series review with UBB haha)

  4. Lisa @ Lost in Literature

    I’m really considering reading this series. I’m still not completely convinced, since it’s not a genre I would usually enjoy. Plus I have trouble with series with so many books because I become bored with the characters. But with your review, plus everything Nereyda has said about how awesome they are, I feel myself slowly being convinced. 🙂
    Lisa @ Lost in Literature recently posted…Review: The Summer I Wasn’t Me by Jessica VerdiMy Profile

  5. Carla Bosch

    I loved this series too, when I started reading the first book I got caught in immediately and couldn’t stop reading until I finished the last books! I love Michelle Read’s storytelling, I can’t wait to read more of her books, she’s absolutely amazing! 🙂 Thanks for the post,I read these books a while ago and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed them! I’m glad you enjoyed them too 🙂

  6. Wendy Darling

    This series really is very addictive reading, even though I had felt so uncomfortable reading it. It wasn’t the sex (hey! sexy times!) it was just how much her having to have sex with people other than Seth hurt her and him both! Argh, I sped through them all like a demon, but they still frustrated me.

    But yeah, she writes such page-turners. Have you read Dark Swan yet? Most people like Georgie’s books better, but I am more a fan of those. Dorian is like Adrian grown up, but without all the alcohol and cigarettes. *whispers* Plus he’s sexier. 😡
    Wendy Darling recently posted…Discussion: The Luckiest Girl + April book announcementMy Profile

    • Sara @ Forever 17 Books

      I have not read Dark Swan yet but I did add it to my TBR! I’ll be reading Bloodlines this summer and perhaps I’ll give Dark Swan a go this fall. I need to meet this Dorian. 🙂

  7. Eva @ All Books Considered

    So glad you liked the series! It is definitely different but Richelle is such a great writer that it all comes together. I read this series in the middle of reading VA (waiting for the next book to come out) and I was instantly captivated. It was even better on a re-read!! I hope you liked the ending!! Great recap!

    My Recap
    Eva @ All Books Considered recently posted…#Georgiethon RecapMy Profile

  8. Andreea

    Great series review!

    I need to read the last one in the Vampire Academy series and then need to read the spin-off. So many books, so little time…

    Maybe after I read the spin-off, I will try this series too, as it does sound like fun.
    Andreea recently posted…Fangirl by Rainbow RowellMy Profile

  9. starryeyedjen

    I think besides her new one, this is the only Richelle Mead series I’ve yet to read. I need to make time for it, maybe on audio? I loved her other adult series, Dark Swan. Dorian was just…mmmm. 🙂
    starryeyedjen recently posted…We Co-sign on Co-bloggingMy Profile

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