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June 16, 2014 Book Review, Young Adult 11 ★★★★★

On the FenceOn the Fence by Kasie West
Published by HarperTeen on July 1st 2014
Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Young Adult
Format: ARC
Source: Edelweiss
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<p>She's a tomboy. He's the boy next door…</p>
<p>Charlie Reynolds can outrun, outscore, and outwit every boy she knows. But when it comes to being a girl, Charlie doesn't know the first thing about anything. So when she starts working at a chichi boutique to pay off a speeding ticket, she finds herself in a strange new world. To cope with the stress of her new reality, Charlie takes to spending nights chatting with her neighbor Braden through the fence between their yards. As she grows to depend on their nightly Fence Chats, she realizes she's got a bigger problem than speeding tickets-she's falling for Braden. She knows what it means to go for the win, but if spilling her secret means losing him for good, the stakes just got too high.</p>
<p>Fun, original, and endearing, <em>On the Fence</em> is a romantic comedy about finding yourself and finding love where you least expect.</p>

Oh Kasie West, how you slay me every time with your beautiful stories!

The synopsis does a wonderful job describing the story, a tomboy who finds herself working in a girly boutique complete with dressier outfits and make-up, all things foreign to our main character, Charlie. She steps outside her comfort zone and makes friends with girls unlike any she had in the past. But lying to her family is taking it’s toll on Charlie, as well as the constant nightmares that plague her about the night her mother died. But then she discovers her neighbor Braden, a friend who is practically family to her, at the fence and they find solace in each other.

I absolutely love when a novel has a strong sibling/family dynamic and I was so not expecting to find one as amazing as I did in On the Fence. Charlie has 3 older brothers and they are all so very close, playing sports together, play fighting/wrestling, playing little dares and games on and with each other. I can’t remember the last time I read a book with so much family and heart. It was a strong presence throughout the entire novel and never failed to bring a smile to my face and entertain.

And then there was Braden. He was always there too, fitting right in like another brother to Charlie, but then something seems to change between them. There are obvious obstacles in the way but the journey these two take is beautiful. The fence became a comfort to them, a place to be different and talk about their feelings. It was so sweet how their friendship slowly progressed into something more, something unexpected. And the journey Charlie takes to discover who she was is much the same. She starts out so hard, tough. She enjoyed being one of the guys but was wanting to be noticed as the girl she is, as more than just one of the guys. It was time to step out of her comfort zone and learn who she was. To let go and welcome people into her life without compromising herself.

What was super awesome and exciting was the small cameos a couple The Distance Between Us characters make! I didn’t expect that! Caymen and the doll shop were so very brief with a mention of Xander. It made me squee with delight! And also Caymen’s best friend Skye, though her role was more prominent and she pops up quite a few times. I love when authors do that!

I cannot recommend On the Fence, and all of Kasie West’s books enough! This might just be my new favorite of hers, which is saying a lot because I loved all her books so much. If you like awesome family dynamics and a cute romance, this is so the book for you! Drop everything and pre-order this book! I know I will be!


About Kasie West

I write YA. I eat Junior Mints. Sometimes I go crazy and do both at the same time. My novels are: PIVOT POINT and its sequel SPLIT SECOND. And my contemporary novels: THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US, ON THE FENCE, THE FILL-IN BOYFRIEND, PS I LIKE YOU, and BY YOUR SIDE. My agent is the talented and funny Michelle Wolfson.

Sara @ Forever 17 Books

11 Responses to “Review: On the Fence by Kasie West”

  1. tonyalee

    I think I have this one, but I am undecided if I want to read it or not. I love Pivot Point & Split Second, as I am sure I would love this one, but I am just NOT in a fluff mood!

    That aside, I love that this one has as strong family relationship. This is important and sadly, lacking in YA.

    Great review lady!
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  2. Maida

    I still have to read The Distance Between Us, but I cannot wait to get both of these in my hands. I have heard nothing but great things about the books. Plus, I ADORE romance stories like this one. I also like the family aspect that this one has. I can’t wait to meet Braden and Charlie! Glad you enjoyed this, Sara! Fab review! 😀

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 
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