Review + Giveaway: Ten Thousand Skies Above You (Firebird #2) by Claudia Gray

November 9, 2015 Book Review, Giveaway, Young Adult 3 ★★★★

I received this book for free from From Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Ten Thousand Skies Above YouTen Thousand Skies Above You by Claudia Gray
Series: Firebird #2
Published by HarperTeen on November 3rd 2015
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult
Format: Hardcover
Source: From Publisher
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Ever since she used the Firebird, her parents' invention, to cross into alternate dimensions, Marguerite has caught the attention of enemies who will do anything to force her into helping them dominate the multiverse—even hurting the people she loves. She resists until her boyfriend, Paul, is attacked and his consciousness scattered across multiple dimensions.

Marguerite has no choice but to search for each splinter of Paul’s soul. The hunt sends her racing through a war-torn San Francisco, the criminal underworld of New York City, and a glittering Paris where another Marguerite hides a shocking secret. Each world brings Marguerite one step closer to rescuing Paul. But with each trial she faces, she begins to question the destiny she thought they shared.

The second book in the Firebird trilogy, Ten Thousand Skies Above Youfeatures Claudia Gray’s lush, romantic language and smart, exciting action, and will have readers clamoring for the next book.

This series has the most beautiful covers, don’t they? *happy sigh* I’m so very glad the story within these books match them completely!

I was extremely excited to start this sequel. Parallel worlds can be such a fascinating topic to me. And how this author is able to transport us to so many different and interesting worlds all in one book is probably what I adore about the series the most. But more on that later on. I was indeed excited like I said, but also… nervous. Why? Well here’s the thing. Any type of series with a more complicated storyline that has extensive world building, like you often find with sci-fi or fantasy genres especially, can be hard to keep fresh in your mind with the wait inbetween books. It’s hard to remember the details. And picking up this sequel with a year since I read the first book felt a little daunting, if I’m being honest. I could not remember much but the bare bones and that I did like it. I’m not a huge rereader so I didn’t get the chance to freshen up by rereading A Thousand Pieces of You, unfortunately. So I opened this sequel and started to read anyways. And thank goodness for Claudia Gray because she did a fantastic job weaving in those details I had forgotten. She was able to repiece so much of what was missing in my mind and it worked! She has a gift of making something so intricate also easy to follow along with. Sure I wish I could have still reread just so I could have that character connection and the relationships fresh in my mind but I am happy to say it isn’t completely necessary. I was right back in that world with these characters.

Ten Thousand Skies Above You takes place shortly after the last book ended. New problems have arisen for our main character, Marguerite, that once again catapult her into traveling through different dimensions to make things right for her loved ones. Marguerite is very much a ‘shoot first ask questions later’ type of gal at times but I also admire that take charge attitude. She’s no damsel in distress. She’s the one who steps up and does the rescuing. This novel really gave us a chance to meet the real Theo too. And I adore him. Paul was a little lacking but we meet different versions of him in the new worlds we visit. A Warverse with food rations and bombs going off was one we entered this time, among others, and was probably the most interesting to me. And we got to go back to the one I loved the most from the last book. It broke my heart when we did FOR REASONS. But that’s the thing I love about these books – with visiting these parallel worlds we get to see such a drastic change in environment that we get to fall in love with it in all different ways.

Towards the end I started to see some big pieces of the puzzle come together with a strong setup for where the next book will take us. And I LOVE the direction it is going! I rubbed my hands together and smiled like an evil villain when I finished, so gleefully excited and anxious for it. It is sure to be spectacular and could become my favorite of the series. Read these books, you won’t be disappointed!


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