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**’Post’ on Sundays is a weekly/biweekly post here at Forever 17 Books where I can share with you all the goodies I have received, bought or borrowed. I am linking up with Tynga’s Reviews and the Stacking the Shelves meme!

stacking the shelves

Hey everyone! And Happy Easter to those who celebrate! It’s been a busy couple weeks for me. I’ve been religiously watching April the giraffe for weeks and am so glad I didn’t miss the birth! It was very obvious things were looking good for the weekend with her behavior on Friday so I literally fell asleep with my laptop open next to me and whenever I’d wake I’d check to see if I missed anything. lol Hopefully my productivity will come back now that the baby is here and the live feed coming down soon.

april 7

I reorganized 2 of my 4 bookshelves and was able to cull a few books I no longer want/need and have been going a little crazy with the #booksfortrade hashtag on twitter. I’ve been able to make some really great trades for books I’m looking forward to reading! So here’s my book haul over the past couple weeks.




FullSizeRender (1)






I also bought pretty Harry Potter vases for on top of my bookshelves! Aren’t they perfect? She can make anything and does a lot of book covers so you should definitely check out the Etsy page and her twitter where she posts a lot of pics of vases she makes!



Did you get any bookish goodies this week?

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