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April 10, 2017 Adult, Book Review 2 ★★

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Gone Without a TraceGone Without a Trace by Mary Torjussen
Published by Berkley on April 18th 2017
Genres: Adult, Thriller
Format: ARC
Source: Won
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A jaw-dropping novel of psychological suspense that asks, "If the love of your life disappeared without a trace, how far would you go to find out why? "

Hannah Monroe's boyfriend, Matt, is gone. His belongings have disappeared from their house. Every call she ever made to him, every text she ever sent, every photo of him and any sign of him on social media have vanished. It's as though their last four years together never happened.

As Hannah struggles to get through the next few days, with humiliation and recriminations whirring through her head, she knows that she'll do whatever it takes to find him again and get answers. But as soon as her search starts, she realizes she is being led into a maze of madness and obsession. Step by suspenseful step, Hannah discovers her only way out is to come face to face with the shocking truth...

Gone Without a Trace is one of those reads that left me wrestling with my thoughts on how I felt about it when I finished. On one hand it had an unputdownableness (is that even a word?) about it. I needed answers and I didn’t want to stop until I got them. To me that is a sign of a good read, especially a thriller/suspense. But there were things that didn’t work that well for me too.

Hannah comes home from an out of town work event to find her boyfriend completely missing from her home. Every single piece of him had been erased from her life with her old things back in place like he never existed. Texts, emails, bedsheets, furniture, you name it. All gone. It was a little creepy. No stone was left unturned. Needless to say, Hannah wanted answers, understandably, and so did I as the reader. But I found Hannah was difficult for me to connect with. I didn’t understand her choices at all. She became extremely obsessive and kept making really stupid calls and decisions in order to find her boyfriend to the point it interfered with all aspects of her life. She drove me nuts! I also despised the people in her life, especially her best friend who was just plain awful to her. There was no real trustworthy support system for her and I found that to be a bit of a bummer with this type of story.

The plot was hit and miss for me. There seemed to be a lot of rehashing of old memories that I honestly started to skim. Perhaps the ones that included her boyfriend were meant to show us their relationship so we can connect with them and how Hannah must have felt with him gone but it never happened for me. Looking back after I finished, I still feel like many were unnecessary. I can’t deny there was definitely a shock factor about the story that I think some readers will enjoy. I know I appreciated that and I stayed up late to finish the book because I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I had my questions answered. There were just so many things going on to add confusion to the mystery and they didn’t all work at the end for me. I was left confused because when we finally hit the reveals (yes with an ‘s’ because there is more than one mystery to solve) I didn’t feel like they completely fit with the story I had been given leading up to it and was left a bit unsatisfied. I LOVE a good twist but with this one I needed a little more cohesion, a few more clues added in perhaps so that when I got to that reveal I could have had an ‘AHA!’ moment instead of ‘WTF?!’.

If you are looking for a good suspense you may want to give this one a try. I seem to be a little in the minority with this one and have seen plenty of glowing reviews on Goodreads. But for me, it was just okay.


About Mary Torjussen

Mary Torjussen has an MA in Creative Writing from Liverpool John Moores University. She worked for several years as a teacher and lives outside of Liverpool, where Gone Without a Trace is set.

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