Review: My Roommate’s Girl by Julianna Keyes

July 10, 2017 Book Review, New Adult 3 ★★★★

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
My Roommate's GirlMy Roommate's Girl by Julianna Keyes
Published by Self-pub on June 12th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Bought
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The day a judge gave me the choice between going to prison or going to college was the day I vowed to stop stealing. Never again would I see something beautiful and beyond my means and take it, just because I wanted it. Just because I could.

When I moved in with Jerry, it was with good intentions. I needed a place to live while I got my degree, and he needed a roommate.

Then I saw Aster.

Blond and beautiful, good, pure, sweet, smart…and Jerry’s girlfriend. She was everything I never thought I could have. Except…maybe I can.

So I put a plan into action. Yeah, I’d probably go to hell, but it would be worth it. I wanted Aster. I wanted her yesterday and tomorrow and every possible way.

But you know what they say.

Be careful what you wish for…because you just might get it.

Whenever I’m in the mood for a quick read filled with romance, I turn to New Adult. With so many New Adult books out there it can be hard to find ones that stand out so I tend to be a little pickier with what works and doesn’t work for me in this category. Undecided by Julianna Keyes remains to be one of my favorites so of course when a new book from this author appears on the horizon I have to check it out! My Roommate’s Girl instantly drew my attention with the possibility of tropes I tend to gravitate for – the bad boy, angst, and a touch of forbidden romance. What I found was all that and more as the author was able to constantly surprise me around every corner!

Aidan is our former bad boy trying to make a change in his life with the second chance he has been given. Needing a place to live, he moves in with a fellow college student with an empty room to rent… and meets his beautiful girlfriend, Aster. Instantly he is wanting Aster for himself and is concocting a way to make it so.

I can’t deny I was a little worried in the beginning. Usually when this situation comes up you have the cocky character using their charm upon the willing victim to make them fall in love with them, so to speak. This was not the path Aidan took. Instead this is a story about a guy who fell for a girl and did some unsavory things to help along the possibility of something happening between the two of them. I wasn’t sure if he would be the type of character I could root for but, despite his flaws, Aidan really grew on me. I think it was because he wasn’t this cocky jerk but someone a little more humble, who feels remorse and gets embarrassed by his actions. Aster was another surprise to me. Quite a bit of the beginning is told purely from Aidan’s perspective before it starts to flip between the two of them so Aster appears sort of one-dimensional at first. But as he gets to know her so do we and boy did she have a few secrets hidden away! She’s also quite amazing and admirable on so many different levels. Both characters were flawed in the best ways and showed a lot of growth and I loved the progression of their friendship and romance despite how it all started in the first place.

‘When I met Aster, I thought she was the light I’d been waiting for. But I was wrong. She was the spark.’

The best thing about this novel was how it was nothing like I expected! I LOVE when a book completely surprises you and I found myself thinking, ‘Ooooh, okay! Let’s see where this goes and how the author spins it’. The theme about second chances running throughout the story was another great addition. I honestly can’t pinpoint anything specific I didn’t like, but perhaps I wanted just a touch more from the romance.  But another great read by this author!

“I guess I’ve learned that having the opportunity to do more with my life isn’t everything. It’s important to have a reason to want to do better. Finding the reason shows you how lucky you are to be here, and you see that the promise and potential isn’t just you, it’s everything around you, if you’re willing to see it. And willing to let it see you.”

About Julianna Keyes

Julianna Keyes is a Canadian writer who has lived on both coasts and several places in between. She’s been skydiving, bungee jumping and white water rafting, but nothing thrills – or terrifies – her as much as the blank page. She loves Chinese food, foreign languages, baseball and television, not necessarily in that order, and will go to her grave swearing that ‘ain’t’ is not a word. She has volunteered in Zambia, taught English in China, and dreams of seeing pink dolphins in the Amazon. It’ll happen.

Sara @ Forever 17 Books

3 Responses to “Review: My Roommate’s Girl by Julianna Keyes”

  1. Joy @ Thoughts By J

    So glad to hear that you loved this on Sara! I do enjoy the occasional NA whenever the mood fits, but I don’t think this book is the right one for me personally. I like the bad boy trope etc, but just not a fan of anything that has to do with cheating. And I could be totally off the mark about it, but the title and the blurb just doesn’t scream non-cheating to me.

    I dunno, I just don’t think I can personally root for a main character that sets out a plan to steal his roommate’s girlfriend!

    Ah well, glad you enjoyed it regardless! x
    Joy @ Thoughts By J recently posted…Q&A with Patrick NessMy Profile

    • Sara @ Forever 17 Books

      The two main characters don’t do any of the cheating, if that clears anything up. And there is definitely character growth going on too. It may not be a book for everyone but can be great to check out too!

  2. Kelly @ Here's to Happy Endings

    This sounds like such a great book! When it comes to new adult I tend to be pretty picky with what I read…I’ve read a lot of new adult books that I really just didn’t like, so I’m always afraid I’m going to have that issue with like EVERY new adult book I pick up. I might have to look into this one for when I want a quick and romantic read. Great review!
    Kelly @ Here’s to Happy Endings recently posted…Blog Tour: A Void the Size of the World by Rachele Alpine – Guest Post and Giveway!My Profile

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