Blog Tour & Review: Bring Me Their Hearts by Sara Wolf

June 18, 2018 Blog Tour, Book Review, Young Adult 6 ★★★★

Blog Tour & Review: Bring Me Their Hearts by Sara Wolf

I received this book for free from Blog Tour in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Bring Me Their HeartsBring Me Their Hearts by Sara Wolf
Published by Entangled Teen on June 5th 2018
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Format: ARC
Source: Blog Tour
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Zera is a Heartless – the immortal, unageing soldier of a witch. Bound to the witch Nightsinger ever since she saved her from the bandits who murdered her family, Zera longs for freedom from the woods they hide in. With her heart in a jar under Nightsinger’s control, she serves the witch unquestioningly.

Until Nightsinger asks Zera for a Prince’s heart in exchange for her own, with one addendum; if she’s discovered infiltrating the court, Nightsinger will destroy her heart rather than see her tortured by the witch-hating nobles.

Crown Prince Lucien d’Malvane hates the royal court as much as it loves him – every tutor too afraid to correct him and every girl jockeying for a place at his darkly handsome side. No one can challenge him – until the arrival of Lady Zera. She’s inelegant, smart-mouthed, carefree, and out for his blood. The Prince’s honor has him quickly aiming for her throat.

So begins a game of cat and mouse between a girl with nothing to lose and a boy who has it all.

Winner takes the loser’s heart.


Welcome to my stop on the Bring Me Their Hearts blog tour!


Right from the moment I saw this cover I knew I had to see what story would unfold in the pages beneath. I love discovering new fantasy worlds to get lost in and that is exactly what I discovered with Bring Me Their Hearts!


You know that little smirk she’s wearing on the cover? Yeah, that is SO the main character, Zera. She is this sarcastic and sassy girl who just so happens to be a Heartless. In this world the Heartless are in the service of the Witch who has their heart kept in a jar. They are immortal and are often used as protection for their Witches, especially in times of war and one in sneaking up upon them once more. In an effort to halt this war, Zera impersonates a potential bride for the prince in an effort to get close enough to steal his heart and save hers.


Zera was such a fun character. She had so much spunk and liked doing things her own way, often acting or speaking out before thinking things through. But I loved that about her. She refused to fit into this cookie cutter mold expected of her, even as she was trying to blend in. We get to peel back so many of her layers too as being a Heartless creates this dangerous hunger inside of you and we get to see that really plague her thoughts. She struggled with that hunger that wanted to ravage and attack those around her but then she also had this strong side that longed for normality and to be loved. Of course getting closer to the prince also caused her to, well, get closer to the prince. She is somewhat torn between fulfilling her task of taking his heart so she can get hers back and finally be free and then also these feelings she was developing for him. Because of course Prince Lucien is actually really amazing, especially when it comes to his people and wanting to better their kingdom. He is against war and there is so much more to him than meets the eye. They have a lot in common and get along tremendously, even when they are arguing and bickering with each other.


The story dives deeper into what, and who, is instigating the brewing war and these two, along with a few others, find themselves on an adventure of sorts to stop it all while Zera continued to fight her inner demons, looking for the perfect time to attack yet also struggling with the desire to do so. The ending was spectacular and had me on the edge of my seat! It really leaves off with quite the cliffhanger that has me dying for the sequel to learn what is in store for these characters next!



About Sara Wolf

Sara Wolf is a twenty-something author who adores baking, screaming at her cats, and screaming at herself while she types hilarious things. When she was a kid, she was too busy eating dirt to write her first terrible book. Twenty years later, she picked up a keyboard and started mashing her fists on it and created the monster known as Lovely Vicious. She lives in San Diego with two cats, a crippling-yet-refreshing sense of self-doubt, and not enough fruit tarts ever.

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    I am seeing such great reviews for this one… and one thing with that in constant in all of them is praise for Zera. She sounds like such a awesome main character. Glad to see that this is such a great start to the series!
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