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Expected Publication Date: September 18th 2012 by Balzer + Bray

From Goodreads:

“TEN is a real page turner! Gretchen McNeil knows how to plot a thriller: Her setup is flawless and the suspense kept me on the edge of my seat.” (Christopher Pike, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the THIRST series and REMEMBER ME)

And their doom comes swiftly.

It was supposed to be the weekend of their lives—an exclusive house party on Henry Island. Best friends Meg and Minnie each have their reasons for being there (which involve T.J., the school’s most eligible bachelor) and look forward to three glorious days of boys, booze and fun-filled luxury.

But what they expect is definitely not what they get, and what starts out as fun turns dark and twisted after the discovery of a DVD with a sinister message: Vengeance is mine.

Suddenly people are dying, and with a storm raging, the teens are cut off the from the outside world. No electricity, no phones, no internet, and a ferry that isn’t scheduled to return for two days. As the deaths become more violent and the teens turn on each other, can Meg find the killer before more people die? Or is the killer closer to her than she could ever imagine?

My Thoughts:

Wow. Just wow. This book was quite the page-turner! Ten follows a girl named Meg who reluctantly agrees to attend a party for the weekend at the house of a popular classmate. Of course this house happens to be on an island, an island you can only get to by ferry. And in a typical rebellious teenaged act, no one knows they are there. It quickly appears to Meg that only 10 people were going to make it to the party. The weather is raging outside and when the gang decides to pop in a movie, all the dvd cases come up empty with only one homemade dvd available. ‘VENGEANCE IS MINE.’ The message on the dvd creates a tailspin amongst the guests. Death occurs and no one knows who to trust. Is the killer one of them or is there someone else on the island?

I was ready to dig into this murder mystery and put my detective hat on from page one! The cast of 10 teens that are stuck at this party on the island was very diverse with different personalities, different backgrounds, and even some different schools. So why were they all invited to this exclusive party together? What did they all have in common? Well that is what was so fun trying to figure out! There is no wait for the action and once the deaths start to occur it was hard to put the book down! I needed to know what was going to happen next and wanted to know who the killer was! And of course along with the murders there is a story of Meg being secretly in love with TJ, who is also at the party, but remains quiet due to her best friend’s crush on him as well. Her friendship with Minnie was very complex. She was fiercely loyal and protective of her, but Minnie is a ticking timebomb. The complex situation made a great addition to the murders. With each death I think I was further and further on the edge of my seat. I had lots of theories swimming around in my head that were constantly evolving with every little bit of information given to us and with each death. Once you get to the reveal though… wow. Seriously it amazes me how it all fit together. I never saw some of it coming and it totally blew me away! I can’t wait to read this again and see all the little clues that were given along the way that I missed the first time!

What I also love about this book is that even though it is a little scary and creepy, it isn’t overly so. i think anyone who isn’t huge into thrillers would love this book as well!




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  1. Stephanie

    So glad you liked this. I couldn’t wait to read it and I was hoping it wasn’t a disappointing read considering the premise is so fun and “Friday the Thirteenth” cool:)

  2. Jennifer Messerschmidt

    Sounds like a great mystery! I was wondering the same things!!! Why are 10 people there and why does this guy live on a creepy island and who wants to murder high school kids lol Glad this was a page turner! Will have to check it out sometime.

  3. YA Vixens

    I just won this book in a giveaway and I can’t wait to read it. Your review made me even more anxious to get it in the mail. I love creepy books, as long as I remember not to read before bed! Lol.

    Thanks for sharing. :]

    -Kait @ YA Vixens

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