National Human Trafficking Awareness Day + Sempre #2 Teaser

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Today on the blog, I have the opportunity to share with you a message about human trafficking from the lovely author of Sempre, J.M. Darhower, as well as an exclusive teaser from the upcoming sequel.

Today, January 11th, is Human Trafficking Awareness Day in the US. The issue of modern day slavery is a subject I’m passionate about for many reasons. There are an estimated 27 million people around the world living in slavery, more today than ever before in history, yet so many people don’t even realize it’s an issue. But it could happen to any of us at any time, and it affects us all, whether or not we realize it. None of us are immune or untouchable.

I touch upon the issue in my novel, Sempre, and thought today would be a perfect day to share a teaser from the upcoming sequel. Keep in mind that this is straight out of the first draft, so the content may be changed or cut from the final published version.

Carmine leaned against the long table as he drank, his attention shifting to the front door. Hours had passed, yet the girl still stood there, as silent and still as ever. He studied her, wondering where she’d come from and how long she’d been trapped in Sal’s home. He couldn’t recall her ever being there before.

She snuck a peek after a moment, tipping her head up slightly so her blue eyes met his. Her brow furrowed when she saw him watching her, and she dropped her gaze again quickly.

“What’s your name?” Carmine asked curiously.

She peeked up once more but didn’t have a chance to respond before laughter sounded out behind him. Carmine turned at the noise of a clinking liquor bottle and froze, the glass nearly slipping from his hand as he stared at the badly scarred face. The familiarity took his breath away.

“Her name’s Annie, I think,” Carlo said, casually pouring a glass of scotch.

“Abby,” the girl whispered, her voice shaking as she corrected him.

“Not that it matters,” Carlo continued, shrugging. “You can call her anything you want.”

Carmine couldn’t tear his eyes away from him. Everything about the man screamed ‘vile’, from his callous words to his horrid face. “I prefer to call her by her name.”

Carlo looked over at him, studying him carefully. “DeMarco’s kid.”


“Makes sense.” Carlo brought his glass to his lips. “She’s your type.”

Anger swept through Carmine. He fought to control himself, forcing his feet to stay where they were. He wouldn’t be provoked. Not here, not now. “Excuse me?”

If you do anything at all today, tell someone who may not know that slavery still exists. Tell them about those 27 million slaves and about the countless survivors living among us. And tell them about the innocent victims, the ones who lost their lives, whose identities we’ll likely never know. Tell them, because someone needs to if we want to put an end to this cruel practice. Knowledge is power.

Hope you enjoyed reading the little tease! Can’t wait to have the book finished and released so you guys can read it.

JM Darhower

I love Carmine, I truly do. His heart is so good and he stands by what it right, no matter the cost. And this teaser is perfect for representing the very real issue of human trafficking. I thank J.M. Darhower for sharing this valuable information on this day as well, as the Sempre sequel teaser!

About the book:

Haven Antonelli and Carmine DeMarch had vastly different childhoods. Haven, a second-generation slave, grew up isolated in the middle of the desert, her days full of hard work and terrifying abuse. Carmine, born into a wealthy Mafia family, lived a life of privilege, never having to answer for anything he did. Both now seventeen, a twist of fate causes their worlds to collide, making them question everything they ever believed. Entangled in a web of secrets and lies, they learn that while different on the surface, they have more in common than anyone would think.


About the Author:

JM Darhower is the author of the novel Sempre (Forever) and the upcoming sequel,still untitled. Someday, if lucky, the second book will have a name. She lives in a tiny town in the Carolinas with her family, where she churns out more words than will eversee the light of day. She has a deep passion for politics and human trafficking, and when she isn’t writing she’s usually ranting about those things. Chronic crimper with a vulgar mouth, she admits to having a Twitter addiction. You can find her there.

Please consider donating to one of these Human Trafficking Awareness organizations.

US Human Trafficking Hotline:
If you suspect someone is a victim of human trafficking, call the hotline and report it.
You may remain anonymous.
Please put this number in your cell phone.
You could save lives.
In cases of emergency, call 911.

*EDIT* J.M. Darhower will randomly pick 2 people from the comments below to get a Love146 t-shirt! There will also be two winners on her post that will be up later today. I’ll add the link when it goes live. Here’s the link! JSYK, the teaser on her blog is of the NSFW variety. 😉

Sara @ Forever 17 Books

31 Responses to “National Human Trafficking Awareness Day + Sempre #2 Teaser”

  1. gildedbutterfly

    Holy fucking shit this is doing stuff to my emotions that I can’t handle with. All I want to do is write in jumbled letters. AAAh. This is perfection.

  2. MrsEdCullen

    I am so excited for this book, I can’t wait.
    I am also thankful because you, J, are the reason I know about modern slavery and human trafficking at all. I thank you for opening my eyes to this issue, and allowing me to share this knowledge with my loved ones through your book.
    Great teaser. I really want this book to be out like now!

  3. Felicia M

    Sempre made my soul shiver! Carmine and Haven’s love is unparalleled! Sempre is compelling and incomparable. I can’t wait to read the sequel to this captivating tale. Thanks for the teaser

  4. FuckinVii

    Omg, Carmine *sigh* ma heart! . Can’t waaait for the sequel and movie, both will be estremely sucessful. And this is very important cause and day, I think everyone should talk about this with your teachers, family, friend (I did) so everyone will be aware.
    I want the goodies! lol. Love from Brazil.

  5. Crystal

    Amazing! I thank you for this teaser and the awareness you bring to human trafficking. I absolutely loved Sempre. I can’t wait to fall in love with the sequel. Really miss Carmine and Haven…I’m a mommy helper today at my daughters school. I will be sure to mention to her teacher and at least one parent that is willing to listen, about what today is. Thank you again! xoxo

  6. exclusiverob

    Thanks J. It seems like I have had Carmine and Haven on my mind for so long. I am waiting patiently for the sequel!! Every since I read EP I have been much more aware of human trafficking, thanks to you. Your giving to the cause is incredible.

  7. vanessainpinks

    the things that little teaser does to me. Because of your words J i never even knew when National Human Trafficking Awareness day was and now i do and will be donating to an organization today.

  8. Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed

    Another blogger also recommended this book to me. Already added it to my TBR. It reminds me a little bit of Captive In the Dark but less…racy? dark?
    It’s so scary that this is a real thing. I live in AZ about 1 hour away from the Mexican border and I hear about all these crazy stories. I’ll be keeping an eye out for your review of the sequel…

  9. Mel

    Thanks for the post! Ever since I read Sempre, the issue of human trafficking has become an issue of concern for myself as well. It boggles my mind that slavery is such a huge market in this day and age, especially in the US where it’s supposed to be “the land of the free” (not dissing my own country; just saying). Thank you for bringing this issue to light. I look forward to reading the sequel!

  10. Maxeen

    So excited for this book to be completed and released. I loved Sempre and I’m sure the sequel will be just as great. JM Darhower has such great skills at making readers feel as though they are there for the ride alongside the characters, an amazing author.

  11. beg1314

    Patiently waiting for this sequel. I loved Sempre and have read it several times along with recommending it to my daughter and co-workers. You are a true talent. And thank you for bringing to light the horrible issue of human trafficking!

  12. Debbie

    Well excuse me while I freak out! Wow one little teaser pulled me in so quick which happens everytime when I read your beautiful words! This teaser has me asking questions and answered some as well. Thank you for being a voice for those in need. ♥

  13. Cveti

    This is such a grate cause, made me see things differently and believe that we need to have hope. Someone out there is probably waiting for some of us to stand up and help. Sempre is one of the books which gives me shivers every time I read it.
    People need to know human trafficking is happening around them, not only in tv series.
    Thank you for the teaser!

  14. Sel

    Oh my, I’ve never known much about the issue of human trafficking. This is a really inspiring message! So glad you and the author shared about this 🙂

  15. Jessica Sotelo

    I loved Sempre so much… obviously it was beyond heartbreaking to read but love always wins.

    I think it’s amazing what you’re doing to shine a light on this very real travesty against himan beings!

  16. LadyTx

    A Sequel? There’s a Sequel?
    I think I just died and went to heaven!
    One thing that made the story so wonderful (outside of the spectacular plot, characters, writing, etc.) was the author’s PURPOSE behind it all. It really was an eye-opener!

  17. Anonymous

    This teaser just broke my heart a little bit. I can’t stand to see Carmine in that environment. He should be in college with Haven.

  18. Jenice

    I am such a fail… just seeing this teaser and I didn’t think I could be more excited but I’m hanging onto every single word you just posted with knowledge that you will make this soooooo incredibly good for us. The wait will def be worth it. Thank you as ever, J and good luck as the stages of your sequel being brought to life progresses. We’re all rooting very hard for you and are prepared to stand by you yet again.

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