One Year Blogoversary Celebration + Giveaway! Take Two

March 29, 2013 Blogoversary, Giveaway 158

It’s my Blogoversary! (well, yesterday was)

Today is DAY TWO of Forever 17 Books’s Blogoversary Celebration! Don’t forget to go back and check out the awesome giveaway posted yesterday! So I thought maybe I’d share some info on how this first year went!

Total Reviews posted: 91

First review posted: A Need So Beautiful by Suzanne Young – I love that this was my first review. And boy were my reviews short back then. lol XOXO

Giveaways: 22

Blog Tours: 11

Books obtained: too many to count πŸ˜‰

Favorite feature: A Kid’s Perspective: Judging a Book By Its Cover – I’ve had a lot of fun finding a way to incorporate my kids. My littlest turns 3 years old next month so lookout for future designs and thought by him as well!

I definitely plan on doing more Blog Tours this year. And bringing you guys lots more reviews and awesome giveaways. I hope you’ll stick around for the next year!

Today’s giveaway is INTERNATIONAL! Some of these will not yet be published at the close of the giveaway, so if that is the case for the book you choose, I will pre-order a copy from The Book Depository. The books to choose from are some upcoming releases I am looking forward to:

Giveaway Rules:

1. Giveaway is International! (As long as The Book Depository ships to you)
2. Must be at least 13 years old to enter.
3. Winner has 48 hours to respond or another winner will be selected.
4. I am not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.
5. Please follow the entry directions in the rafflecopter. (I do check and will delete entries that do not follow the directions. If you have any questions on how to enter, please ask!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**Don’t forget to check out DAY ONE’S GIVEAWAY!**

Sara @ Forever 17 Books

158 Responses to “One Year Blogoversary Celebration + Giveaway! Take Two”

  1. Faith

    Happy Blogoversary!
    Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚
    I so can’t wait for the release of Abbi Glines’ fifth Sea Breeze book β™₯

  2. Kat

    Definetely waiting for ‘taken’ and ‘the collector’… but there are so many great books coming.

    Happy blogoversary and thanks for the international giveaway *yeah* ^^

  3. Desiree

    If I won I would totally pick Reboot! I am excited for this book!! happy blogoversary! Thanks for another great giveaway.

  4. Giselle

    I might have already said so but in case I haven’t, happy blogoversary, chickie! I love seeing the firsts and stats. I’ve been meaning to read A Need So Beautiful, too! Also, I approve of the Friends gif! πŸ˜€

  5. Nara

    I would probably choose Dark Triumph!! Definitely looking forward to that one πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on your blogoversary!

  6. Anonymous

    Happy Blogoversary! All of those books are on my to-read list. I’d probably choose The Rules for Disappearing though! It has gotten really good reviews and its kinda pretty too (always a plus!!!)! Thank you for this generous giveaway and the chance to win!

  7. katetaan

    I’m looking forward to reading The Collector so thats the one I’d pick.

    Happy Blogoversary and thanks for the great giveaway!

  8. erin

    Happy Blogoversary!!! Here’s wishing you many, many more πŸ™‚ Man I’m torn between The Ward, Taken and Archlight πŸ˜‰

  9. Sarika Patkotwar

    Happy blogoversary, Sara! Keep blogging! πŸ˜€

    I’d like to win The Book Of Broken Hearts and this year, my most anticipated release is Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire which I already read thanks to Net Galley!

    Thanks for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  10. _Sandra_

    So many great books to choose from, how to pick just one.. πŸ™‚ I would probably go with Reboot, dying to read that one.
    Thanks for a giveaway and happy 1 year blogoversary!!! πŸ™‚

  11. victoria peΓ±a

    The Ward by Jordana Frankel or The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey .. i can’t wait … i heard a lot about them … i love it
    almendra in the rafflecopter

  12. miki

    happy blogoversary, thank you for doing something for int too.
    i’ve my eyes on dark triumph and on teh collector

    thank you

  13. Ratri Anugrah

    Happy Blogoversary!! πŸ™‚ This is the first time I participate on your giveaway. I love your blog for sure and your blog will be the first place on my to-read list. I’m most anxious for All I Need by Susane Colasanti. I like Susane and I like to read love stories. Have a good day!! See you tomorrow.


  14. Oona

    If I won, I’d choose the Book of Broken Hearts. I love Sarah Ockler. My most anticipated book already came last week, but my second most anticipated is Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire. Happy Blogoversary!

  15. jarkin33

    ahhh I think probably Reboot – even though I’ve read it I want it own it! LOL or Taken… or… The Rules for Disappearing or.. LOL I could go on and on!


  16. Suz Reads

    Happy Blogoversary! Thanks for this amazing giveaway – I would love to win and pick Dark Triumph or Reboot!

  17. Shelver506

    Holy guacamole, what a list. I’d pick either DARK TRIUMPH, ARCLIGHT, or THE 5TH WAVE, because all three are books I’m looking forward to.

    Happy (belated) blogoversary!

  18. Josie Hink

    I would probably choose -The Rules for Disappearing by Ashlet Elston
    I am pretty excited about Walking Disaster coming out!!
    Happy Blogoversary!!!

  19. Sam

    A tie between Sweet Peril and The Collector. I loved Sweet Evil and I’ve heard REALLLLYYY good things about the Collector! Can not wait to read both.

  20. Martina Koleva

    Maybe The Ward or The 5th Wave… I actually want 7 of the books from the list so if I win I don’t know what I’ll pick! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  21. CΓ©line G.

    The collector sounds awesome, I’m really looking forward to it! Thanks a lot for the giveaway!

  22. Anna Granberg

    ✰ Happy Blogoversary!✰ I would probably choose The Originals

  23. Clarissa (Bookadicea)

    Happy Blogoversary! So many great books to choose from but I’d really love to win Book of the broken hearts. Lovely cover and I’m really hooked after reading the synopsis. πŸ™‚

    -Riz B.

  24. Erika

    I’m most excited about Sweet Peril and that would be my choice! So many GREAT books coming out this month and next! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  25. Jaime Lester

    Happy One Year Blogoversary! Since there is a mile long list of book releases I am anxious for, I will go with the second question. Which is still not an easy one to answer. Here is my “To Choose From” list: Parallel, Arclight, Sweet Peril, The Rules for Disappearing, Taken, Icons, The Collector and Dark Triumph. Yeah, I know it is almost all of them. I can’t help it!!

  26. Amanda

    Happy Blogoversary! I can’t wait to read the 3rd in the Divergent trilogy. Unfortunately, I have a long wait. I also would like to read The Rising by Kelley Armstrong. Her Darkest Powers and Darkest Rising series are very good.

  27. starryeyedjen

    Congrats again on the milestone! πŸ˜€ I think I’d pick either Sweet Peril or The 5th Wave. One so I can swoon, and the other because it sounds frickin’ awesome. πŸ™‚

  28. Sierra

    Great giveaway πŸ™‚ I’m excited by the chance of your youngest’s art being posted on here. I love those posts, they’re so cute πŸ˜€ I would choose The Ward or The Originals. Thank you!

  29. Kbaby81

    I’m most anxious for the last book in the Divergent Trilogy. I’d choose The Collector if I win this giveaway.

  30. arlin safitri

    Happy Blogoversary! And I would choose The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler
    Thank you for the giveaway πŸ˜€

    Arlin Safitri (@Arlin_WS)

  31. Tina Kohrman

    Happy Blogoversary and thank you for this giveaway! I would choose either The Book of Broken Hearts or Taken. Have a wonderful day!

  32. Anastasia Loveay

    Congratulations! I am really exited for Taken, Sweet Peril and Reboot! I don’t know which one to pick tho…If I win I would just want you to surprise me(:
    Thank you for this giveaway!

  33. Amanda Haselden

    I would definitely choose Dark Triumph! Or maybe the 5th Wave πŸ™‚

  34. Sophia Rose

    Happy Blogoversary! I think it is exciting to see those stats and I wish you well for another good year.

    One of the books I am excited about is already on your list, Dark Triumph. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  35. Mecha Rodriguez O.

    Happy blogoversary!! *throws confetti*
    So many great books to choose from!!
    The book of broken hearts, Sweet Peril, Parallel, Archlight, Icons, Reboot…
    I’d choose any of the books listed above.
    Thanks for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  36. Anonymous

    Happy blogoversary!!!

    There are so many great books! I think I’d choose The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler. (:

    Angela C.

  37. Jayjay Atanacio

    I really excited for Sweet Peril and Reboot!

    Thanks for the Giveaway and Happy Blogoversary!

  38. deasuluna

    Happy Blogoversary!! I wish you many more and more amazing books to read and reveiw!! πŸ˜€ I can’t wait for the Ward, Sweet Peril and Icons!!
    I would choose Icons!! πŸ˜€

  39. Kamla L.

    Happy Blogoversary! Wishing you many more years of awesomeness! I’m most looking forward to Icons and The Ward. Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Atalia

    I’m anxious for the releases of : Book of Broken Hearts, Reboot, Icons, Arclight, & The Ward. I would probably pick one of these if I were to win.

    Thanks. πŸ™‚

  41. Rebecca

    I’m really excited for Where the Stars Still Shine. Great selection of books, The Book of Broken Hearts sounds intriguing!

  42. Iris

    Happy Blog anniversary!
    I think I would go with Taken…
    I have wanted to read that book for way to long now … πŸ˜‰
    x Iris

  43. Myka Cervania

    I’m anxious for the book release of the third installment in the Divergent trilogy, “ALLEGIANT”. Ms. Roth has killed a couple of characters from the previous books so I’m worried that another character (perhaps one of my favorites) will also die. There are so many things I am anxious about that I can’t tell them all but at the same time, I am also thrilled to read the third book. I have a feeling that Ms. Roth will, once again, drive her readers into another level of different emotions. The book will be released this October 22 ( yes that’s still 6 months away) but I can already imagine myself bursting into tears while reading. So that is all. πŸ™‚

  44. Kelley Lee

    Again love the Friends gifs! I have to say I am most excited about The Originals as I read about it in your StS post! My second choice though is All I Need! Great giveaway and again happy anniversary.

  45. Makaela

    I would love In the Shadow of Blackbirds! But, then again I did just finish Sweet Evil and can’t wait to see what happens in the next one… such tough decisions.

  46. Rachel

    Happy Blogoversary!!!!

    I think I’d pick In the Shadow of Blackbirds πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance and congrats on 1 year!!

  47. Emily

    It’s a hard pick between Dark Triumph and The 5th Wave…but I think I’d choose The 5th Wave. Also, I am a GFC follower under Emily I just accidentally spelled my name wrong in the Rafflecopter. So I’m not cheating I really am a follower πŸ™‚

    ~Emily@Emily’s Crammed Bookshelf

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