In Which I FINALLY Watch Game of Thrones

August 14, 2017 Blog News 6

The last few weeks have been crazy busy! There’s only a few weeks left of summer vacation so I’m getting my kids ready for the new school year and trying to get in as many fun activities as we can before the summer ends. But what has been the biggest time suck during the past few weeks is that I finally started watching Game of Thrones

It’s kind of crazy that I waited this long. I mean, fantasy movies are my absolute favorite! There aren’t many tv shows that can pull it off but Game of Thrones feels like one big long movie with all the drama, character development, surprise factors, and action that I love. The main reason I waited this long was the obvious, no HBO. For years I’ve been talking about it and feeling so envious of everyone. But things changed and I was able to start and I did not want to stop! 

So basically for the last few weeks I spent the days counting down the hours until the kid’s bedtime so I could sneak a few episodes in before passing out, often times at 4am! The next day would be rough but don’t think for a second that I let it stop me from repeating the same cycle the next night. I 100% understand the obsession because that’s what it now feels like. 

Tyrion Lannister is absolutely my favorite character. Peter Dinklage is amazing in that role in every capacity.

And okay, I have to admit something. Before watching Game of Thrones, I didn’t fully understand the Kit Harington and Jon Snow thing. Sure I thought he was kinda cute before but now? I. LOVE. HIM. Seriously. He is my next favorite and nothing better happen to these two (again), okay?

Since my venture into this world my reading time has been basically non-existent. I’ve read maybe 50 pages of a book in two weeks (so long Goodreads challenge lead). I’m super curious about the books though. Has anyone read the A Song of Ice and Fire series? I’m only hesitant because of the length of the books. And well, the wait for the next to be published. 

It’s a little bittersweet to be caught up. On one hand I like that I don’t have to avoid the 35457854 tweets, news stories, etc. that pop up on social media and the news the moment the show ends on Sunday nights. I can fangirl and freak out right along with everyone else now and don’t have to worry about spoilers (though I avoided as many as I could for the past few years, obviously a few were unavoidable *coughJONSNOWcough*). On the other hand, there is nothing better than bingeing on a book or tv series. Being able to immediately move onto the next episode after a cliffhanger is just about the best thing ever. Not being able to do that anymore is going to suck. Big time. Seriously, how did everyone survive the wait not just between weekly episodes but from season to season? I had an overwhelming feeling of sadness when I didn’t have any additional episodes waiting for me. So I did what anyone would do in that situation, start over. That’s normal, right? lol

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  1. John Smith

    I still haven’t watched it. I will probably do so after the series has long ended! I’m afraid I will have to hide my eyes from a lot of stuff!

  2. Sandy S.

    We don’t have HBO either but I wanted to watch it too so we got the CD’s. Now, my husband is addicted to it so he watches it without me and he’s now at the last CD. I think I need to start from the beginning and binge watch it as I stopped watching it this summer so I could read more and get projects done. I’m rooting for the dragons though.

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